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Art Deco Mirrors

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French Art Deco Wrought Iron Mirror

This very special octagonal wrought iron mirror is absolutely fabulous! The wrought iron is richly worked and the serpentine detail around the bottom (or the top it can hang either way) is also decorated. French 1930's.

French Art Deco Hand Wrought Iron Mirror

This French art deco hand wrought iron mirror has its original golden tone glass! The wrought iron has been crafted with serpentine detail and it will illuminate any space you choose. Great in an entrance hall! The mirror is 33 high x 23 ½” wide.

American Art Deco Table Mirror Attributed to KEM Weber

This rare American Art Deco table mirror is attributed to KEM Weber (1889 - 1963). The mirror is from the Sommer and Kaufmann store in San Francisco which Weber helped to decorate. The cleverly designed mirror, four wood balls, two larger ones in front, a medium sized ball on a short rod in the back and a small one in the front center; the three front balls are cleaved to hold the mirror. The beveled mirror is original as is the wood. The mirror is 11" high, 11" wide and 6 1/4" deep.

American Art Deco Table Cobalt Picture Frame

This American art deco vintage picture frame is from the 1930’s. The back is a cobalt mirror, a sheet of clear glass is attached by four chrome balls. A photograph or print can be placed securely inside the "Sandwich" for display. The glass and mirror are in excellent condition. The frame is 13" tall and 11" wide.

French Art Deco Carved and Silvered Geometric Wall Mirror

This amazing French art deco wall mirror dates from the 1920's. With its swag top and hand carved base with a languid nude and geometric clouds, the mirror is a wonderful example of classic art deco. Constructed of silver painted wood with conforming beveled glass, the mirror is 23" high, 21" wide at the top and tapers down to 11 1/2" wide at the bottom.

American Art Deco Aluminum Streamline Cheval Mirror

This American art deco style polished aluminum cheval mirror is sleek, stylish and useful. The glazed rectangular mirror portion pivots on two curved supports which form the front feet. A rectangular support box keeps everything stable. The piece is 64” high, 24 ½” wide and 21” deep.

Donald Deskey American Art Deco Mirror for AMODEC

This American Art Deco mirror was designed by Donald Deskey for AMODEC (American Modern Decoration Company) in 1931. It was part of his 909 Suite for that firm. The mirror is constructed of ash and walnut burl and is 37 1/2” tall 27 ¾” wide. The plate glass and wood are in excellent condition

French art Deco Pier Mirror

A very impressive French Art Deco pier mirror. The wood sides stylized columns, the top decorated with wrought iron in geometric and serpentine pierced design. The glass is in perfect condition. The mirror ready to hang above your fireplace or in an entry hall or wherever you want to make a “statement”. The mirror is 63” tall and 45 ½” wide. It is 1” deep.

American Art Deco Illuminated Mirror

This fantastic American art deco illuminated mirror was purchased by the original owner in 1933. While the original owner had it over a small desk it could also work in a bathroom. The mirror surface is attached to the black back board by four chrome balls. On Each side are placed 10 ½” light fixtures with milk glass tubes, each with reticulated chrome caps top and bottom. The tops have a distinctive finial, the bottom caps have the light switch. Overall, the mirror is 30” tall and 18” wide (20” wide to the outer edge of the tubes).

Paolo Venini Italian Art Deco Glass Table Mirror or Picture Frame

Paolo Venini (1895 - 1959) designed this mirror / picture frame for Venini, Murano Italy ca 1937. The frame in pale blue glass is fitted with a bronze interior and back stand and has a bronze “cinch” at the top. The glass has a “martele” finish as if repeatedly struck with a hammer ( which is what is done when then glass is hot and malleable) the Italian word for this technique is "battuto". The form is recorded in Venini catalog Blu on page 43 No 10. It is marked “Made in Italy” and “Venini Murano” The frame is 11” high, 8 ½” wide and 2 ¼” thick.

French Art Deco Gold Leaf Mirror

This French art deco mirror is from the 1920’s. The hand carved frame is finished in gold leaf and has a geometric floral design. A black silk cord circles the top and ends in tassels on the left and right. The mirror glass and frame are in excellent condition. The mirror is 18 ½" tall and 26" wide.

Large American Art Deco Streamline Asymmetrical Circles Mirror

This large American art deco streamline wall mirror dates from the 1930’s.  Constructed of chromed steel, the central glass is surrounded by two circles of chrome rounded bars, the outer bar shortened at the top although it could be displayed with the open section anywhere on the diameter.  The circles are atop eight flat chrome steel bars.  The mirror measures 46” in diameter overall.

Paul Follot French Art Deco Gold Leaf Pier Mirror Geometric Roses Design

This French art deco mirror is by Paul Follot (1877 - 1941). The gold leaf surround has three panels of geometric roses and foliage and raised "speed" lines on the left, right and bottom. The original mirror plate has a 1" bevel and is signed and dated on the back "PF" and "13 – 10 - 1933". The mirror is in excellent condition and is 54 ½" tall and 33 1/4" wide.    

French Art Deco Burnished Platinum Leaf Tall Mirror

This elegant undulating French Art Deco mirror is from the late 1930’s.  Refinished in bright burnished platinum leaf the geometric floral design mirror has its original curved glass and is 28” wide and 37” tall.  The mirror can be paired with a console as shown in the detail photos.

American Art Deco Cobalt Blue Mirror with Six Chrome Balls

This striking American art deco cobalt blue mirror is from the 1930’s. It is in a style made popular by Deskey in the 30’s, although there is no record of Deskey making a cobalt mirror. The mirror has six 1" chrome balls arranged asymmetrically and chrome clips holding the mirror to the back. The mirror is 27 1/2" in diameter and is in excellent condition.

PAIR French Art Deco Black Lacquer and White Gold Mirrors

This pair of French art deco exceptional wall mirrors would fit in many parts of your home…side by side above a sideboard, above a pair of sinks, flanking an object.  The pair, which have been professionally restored in black lacquer and water gilded with 12K white gold are each 17 ½” high and 21 ½” wide.  They come with the original beveled mirror glass, one of which is dated “12-11-32”, as well as a set of duplicate new mirror glass.

French Art Deco White and Yellow Gold Geometric Foliage Mirror

This late 1920’s French art deco mirror sparkles.  The frame, with its leaves and flower heads and geometric surround, has been professionally restored with water gilding of 12 K white gold and 24 K yellow gold.  The mirror has its original silk cords and is 22 ½” wide and 13 ½” tall.

NORMAN BEL GEDDES American Art Deco Tabletop Skyscraper Mirror for Simmons

Norman Bel Geddes (1893 – 1958) designed this American Art Deco table top mirror in 1929 for the Simmons Company of Chicago.  The skyscraper stepped frame is constructed of black enameled steel and chromium plated metal, the mirror glass mimics the curved steps of the base.  The mirror is 26” high x 27 ½” wide and 6 ½” deep.

French Art Deco Black and Carnelian Red Enamel Mirror

This French art deco mirror frame is finished in black enamel with carnelian red raised dots. Glazed with a curved beveled glass, the mirror is hung with golden silk cord terminating in to knotted tassels. The mirror measures 29” wide and 20” high (32" from the top of the suspension cord).

French Art Deco Asymmetrical Double Mirror

This French art deco asymmetrical double mirror is from the 1930’s and is in the spirit of “Le Jazz Hot”>  the frame is in high gloss ebonized wood and bright chrome.  The two sections of the mirror are connected by three semi circular tubes of bright chrome.  The mirror measures 47” wide x 36” high.

French Art Deco Wrought Iron Mirror with Waves

This amusing French art deco oval mirror dates from the 1930s and is ready for that special place in the home. The frame is of hand wrought iron with three wavey lines across the top and bottom. The mirror measures 26” high and is 17 ¼” wide.

French Art Deco L. Charles Nickel Bronze Mirror

This French art deco nickel bronze mirror was created by L. Charles in his atelier at 8 Cours Lafayette, Lyon, France in the 1920’s. The leaping deer, a favored icon of the deco movement in France, rises into the mirror glass. Charles uses texture to depict the ground below the deer and to contrast the sunburst motif and the stylized drapes in the vertical portion of the frame. Re-nickel plated and with a new glass, the mirror, which measures 19” high x 31” wide, is ready for another 80 plus years of good reflections.

The Peacock Mirror

We don’t know who made this extraordinary French art deco hand wrought iron mirror ….but he was a master Ferronier (from fer forgé, the French word for wrought iron). The frame has a bronze patina and a display of the finest iron working techniques. The back frame has three segments on each side. The upper segments have three decreasing lobes stamped with geometric flowers. The next segment is decorated with hammered ovals and curls back on itself an supports a ball with a hanging tassel….so well done that it looks like real cord. The third section repeats the hammered ovals and encloses geometric gears and flowers. The peacock, with a headdress of geometric flowers, extends forward from his fan of feathers and sits above a spoked cartouche. The original beveled mirror glass is dated on the back “4-08-1919”. While fitted with a new beveled glass, the original glass is included in the sale. The mirror is overall 30” wide and 19 ½” high. The peacock extends 3” from the wall.

French Carved Gilt Wood Mirror

This French art deco mirror is from the 1930’s. The oval frame is hand carved in a double series of saw tooth repeats interrupted at the top, bottom and sides by a stylized scroll. The whole of the frame retains its original gilding. The original glass has a one inch plus hand bevel. Overall, the mirror measures 26” wide x 15 ½” high.

French Art Deco Wrought Iron Mirror Geometric Waves

An elaborate and unusual French art deco hand wrought iron mirror from the 1930s. This large mirror has its original beveled glass and is in excellent condition. The mirror measures 54” wide and is 36-1/2” high.

French Art Deco Wrought Iron Roses Mirror

This large French art deco mirror frame is of hand wrought iron. The mirror has three roses across the top and buds on the bottom of each side. The mirror glass features a 1” bevel. It measures 39” wide and 23” high (29” with the chain).

American Art Deco Nickel Table Mirror

This sleek rotating American art deco table mirror is in nickel over brass and dates from the 1930’s. The octagonal mirror glass is double sided and rotates vertically. The mirror is 19” high and 12” wide. It is in excellent condition.

American Art Deco Mirror With Dots and Cobalt Blue

This exceptional American art deco mirror dates from the 1930’s. It is enhanced by two asymmetrically arranged sets of three concave dots. The silvered glass is etched with quarter circled lines from the top and bottom ending in a horizontal bars of cobalt blue mirror. The mirror is 28” in diameter.

French Art deco Silverleaf Mirror with Geometric Roses

This French art deco mirror is from the 1920’s. The curved wood base is decorated in geometric flowers and foliage and has been silver leafed. The mirror is 19” high and 26” wide.

Pair of French Art Deco Nickel Bronze Mirrors

It’s very rare to find a pair of French art deco mirrors…and this pair is exceptional!  Made in the 1930’s and constructed of nickeled bronze, the mirror frame sports geometric wings on each side.  The mirror glass has a one inch bevel on all six sides.  The mirror glass is original and the nickel frame has been replated and measures 18” high x 24” wide.

Barthelemie Mirror

This tall (66 1/2 X 31 1/2) hand wrought iron French art deco mirror was produced and retailed by the Paris shop, Barthelemie, in the 1930's. With its beveled glass mirror and frieze of lilies at the top. This is a striking and important mirror.

Horizontal Wrought Iron Mirror

This French art deco hand wrought iron mirror dates from the 1930’s. The eight sided hammered frame is surrounded on the bottom with a decorative wave element and a lower band that terminates in a swirl on either side. The mirror measures 23 ½” high x 53” wide.

Pier Mirror

This exceptional French art deco pier mirror dates from the 1930’s. The frame is of wood and gesso containing a mirror glass with a one inch bevel. The upper portion contains a frieze of geometric flowers. The mirror is 64” high x 33 ½” wide.

Small Sue et Mare Mirror

A fine French art deco mirror by Louis Sue (1875 – 1968) and André Mare (1885-1932) working in the 1920’s as Süe et Mare. The nickel bronze mirror frame has a floral motif with an array geometric roses. The mirrored glass insert is hand beveled. The mirror measures 17” high x 14 ½” wide. With the silk cord it hangs 20” high.

Petito French Art Deco Wall Mirror

A fine French art deco wall mirror by the venerable firm Petito best known for their chandeliers. The mirror is pictured in their 1931 catalog. The nickel bronze mirror frame, aged to a mellow pewter color, has a rope motif with an array of fruits and vegetables. The mirror glass is original and the mirror measures 33" wide and 20 1/2" high.

French Art Deco Drape Mirror

This is a wonderful French art deco mirror from the 1930's. The frame is nickel over wrought iron. The mirror glass has a one inch bevel. Measuring 18" high and 34" wide, this deco mirror will reflect well on you.

Art Deco Wrought Iron Mirror with Hangers

This 1930s French art deco mirror with with a hand wrought iron coat rack & hat rack. Finely crafted, this piece will look great in any decor. It measures 36" wide by 21" high and extends 10" from the wall. It functions wonderfully as an entry piece or in a bathroom, providing a mirror and towel rack.

French Forties Art Deco Wrought Iron Mirror

This French hand wrought iron art deco mirror dates from the early 1940s and shows the cultured style of that period. The mirror measures 32" high and 25" wide.

Pair of French Art Deco Bubinga Wood Mirrors

We have a pair of these large 1930s French art deco mirrors. The frames are of Bubinga wood inlaid with ivory. The mirror glass has a 1 3/8" bevel on all six edges. They measure 39" wide and are 51" high. They can be purchased singly or as a pair.

French Art Deco Carved Wood Mirror

This is an exciting French art deco mirror from the late 1920s or early 1930s. The frame is wood & gesso carved in a very deco geometric foliate design. The mirror is 31" wide and 24" high.

Hibou Wrought Iron Deco Mirror

This French art deco hand wrought mirror is a fine example of the Ferronier's art. The artist used multiple iron working techniques to achieve a functional work that expresses the spirit of the time. The mirror is signed "Hibou, Paris" and is marked with his cipher, an owl perched on an iron worker's mallet. The mirror measures 39" x 15 1/2".

Large French Art Deco Wrought Iron Mirror

Large Wrought Iron Mirror – French ca. 1930's This French art deco wrought iron mirror exhibits a variety of techniques and has two small mirrors inset in the base. The large mirror is beveled. The mirror measures 34" high x 35" wide.

Boretti Mirror

This mirror was fashioned in the late 1920's by the “Maitre Lustrier" G.M. Boretti and is of bronze with gold and black patinas. The leaping deer and sunbursts are quintessential art deco motifs and Boretti handles them well. The mirror measures 28 ½" high x 31" wide.

Nickel Art Deco Mirror With Dots

A French art deco nickel plated mirror dating from the 1930's. The five-sided frame is decorated with four 1 1/4" raised circles on each vertical side. The mirror measures 30 1/2" wide and 18 1/2" high.

French Art Deco V Mirror

This French art deco mirror is in natural iron, polished to a pewter color and sprayed with clear lacquer to keep it from turning. A small rectangle of brass sits at the bottom or the mirror. It measures 24" wide and 23" high.

French Art Deco Triple Mirror

A very elegant French wrought iron triple mirror dating from the 1930's, this hand wrought piece features three beveled mirrors and a variety of hand working techniques. It measures 48" wide and 14" high.

Bel Geddes Art Deco Table Mirror

This art deco table mirror with skyscraper setbacks was designed by Norman Bel Geddes for the Simmons Company, Chicago, Illinois in 1932. The mirror measures 26" wide x 27 1/2" high.

French Art Deco Drape Mirror

This is a wonderful French art deco mirror from the 1930's. The frame is nickel over bronze and signed with the cypher "EF". The mirror glass has a one inch bevel. Measuring 18" high and 34" wide, this deco mirror will reflect well on you.

French Art Deco Silvered Wrought Iron Mirror

This is one of the nicest French art deco mirrors we have owned. The lower frame has exquisitely detailed wrought iron work which is repeated on the top hanger and supporting rods. The exposed edges of the mirror have a one inch bevel. The mirror measures 38" high x 31" wide.

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