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Art Deco Rugs Tapestries and Textiles

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Vintage American Art Deco Tapestry or Wall Hanging

This vintage American art deco tapestry/wall hanging is from the 1930’s. On a black background, the artist created a vibrant image of comets among square stars (or maybe just deco roses?). Using silver, blue, and orange thread in crewel and cable stitching, the unknown artist has created an arresting work of art that will grace any deco interior. The fabric is 28" wide and 20" tall. It is presented in a silver frame and is 21 ½" x 30 ¼" overall.

French Art Deco Round Carpet in the Style of Paule Leleu

This French art deco circular carpet is in the style of Paule Leleu (1906 – 1987).  Dating from the 1940’s the hand knotted wool carpet with a central looping foliate motif in shades of grey, yellow and blue is reserved against a burgundy ground with a grey and yellow geometric border with touches of blue.  The carpet is in very good condition and measures 68” in diameter.

Double Bed Bedspread by Sian Tucker

This bedspread for a double bed was crafted by prominent British textile designer on commission Sian Tucker (1958- ) in 1981, shortly after she graduated from the Royal College of Art, London. The spread is after a 1920’s work of art by Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) and is one of a kind. It is signed in the making “Sian Tucker”. Sian Tucker produced fabric works for the Conran Stores and Carge Scare projects for the Chelsa and Westmister Hospital in London. A wall hanging by her is in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Art Deco Nudes Amid Ferns Tapestry

This exciting original art deco hand woven tapestry is from the 1920’s and was created in Eastern Europe for the French market.  The crewel work weaving shows two nude maidens on a black background.  Their hair swirls and flows in red and blond as they dance about a fern with green stem and red leaves.  The colors are bright and true and the tapestry is in great condition.  It is 76” high x 38” wide.

French Art Deco Rug

This French art deco rug is from the 1930’s. Hand Knotted wool is arranged in a geometric design of black, blue, white and tangerine. The rug is 52” by 39” and is in very good condition.

Walter Nichols Vintage Chinese Art Deco Plush Red Rug

This vintage 1930’s Chinese art deco carpet was designed by Walter Nichols (1885- 1960). The plush rug has a strong red field with floral sprays on opposite corners. Constructed of wool in a thick pile on cotton it is in excellent condition and is 139” (11 ½ feet) by 105” (8 ¾ feet).

Vintage Art Deco Geometric Rug

This large vintage French art deco rug is from the 1930’s. the rug is wool on cotton and has an asymetrical design in amber, beige and blue on a red ground. The rug is 139" (11 ½" feet) by 109" (9 feet). It is in a good condition and has been professionally cleaned.

Pair Jules Leleu Carpets

This pair of French art deco carpets was designed by Jules Leleu (1883 – 1961) in the 1940’s. The hand knotted wool rugs feature a series of arabesques in white displayed on a rust colored ground. The rugs measure 55 ½” x 28 ½” and are in excellent condition.

French Art Deco Rug in Brown with Ivory Sea Shell and Foliate Design

This French art deco wool on cotton rug was woven in Algeria in the 1930’s for the French market. The handmade rug is chocolate brown with a serpentine design in cream. The rug measures 129” x 57”.

Pink & Gray Art Deco Rug

This 1930’s art deco wool rug has a variety of complimentary colors; maroon, eggplant, pink, gray and off white. Machine made, the rug echoes the geometric and machine like forms of the period and endows them with a pleasant spirit. The rug measures 89” x 62”.

Geometric Rug

A rare American art deco geometric rug from the 1930s. Green, black, yellow and white designs on a maroon ground make this machine made rug a perfect accent piece for your Deco interior. The rug's marked in stencil on the reverse "1473" and "720" and "30" and measures 58" x 27" (including fringe).

Nichols Brown Art Deco Rug

This Chinese art deco rug was made for the American market and designed by Walter Nichols (?-1960). Hand woven of wool on a cotton base, the rug features an eggplant border around a chocolate field and a small geometric design in blue, yellow and burnt umber. The rug measures 57" x 31" (including fringe).

Nichols Gold Art Deco Rug

This Chinese art deco rug was made for the American market in the 1930's and designed by Walter Nichols (?-1960). Hand woven of wool on a cotton base, the rug features a stylized branch of flowers on a gold field. The rug measures 61" x 36" (including fringe).

Chinese Nichols Art Deco Rug

This art deco rug designed by Walter Nichols ( - 1960), dates from the 1930's and is wool hand woven on cotton. Made in China for the American market. The rug is in excellent condition. The rich bottle green field has two cartouches in one corner opposed by one in the other, both accompanied by a series of lighter "speed" lines. The rug measures 106" x 148" (including fringe).

French Art Deco Red Rug

A 1930's French art deco rug. Simple design and quality workmanship make this hand woven wool on cotton rug a gem for any area of your home. The rug measures 106" (including fringe) by 46".

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