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Atelier Petito


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French Art Deco Torchiere with Glass Wings by Atelier Petitot

This classic French art deco torchiere by Atelier Petitot is from the 1930’s.  The wood shaft swells as it rises to meet ten graduated rings.  The illuminated glass fins are frosted with a design that echoes the steps of the nickel shade.  The lamp is 66” tall and 18” in diameter.

Atelier Petitot French Art Deco Chandelier

This spectacular French art deco chandelier is from the famed Lyon firm "Atelier Petitot". The frame is a silver colored wrought iron with a cascading geometric shaft of open work beneath a two part ceiling cap. The "basket", with wrought iron circles and beading matching the shaft, holds four panels in high relief of geometric translucent glass. Four extended arms hold geometric shades of translucent glass. The panels are signed and the fixture drops 35" from the ceiling and is 31" in diameter.

Atelier Petitot French Art Deco Chandelier with Opalescent Glass Rods

This very special Atelier Petitot French art deco chandelier would be the “Anchor” of any room.  With its bright nickel body and five gleaming arms reminiscent of the Chrysler Building, the chandelier bespeaks opulence and glamour.  The stepped opalescent glass center bowl leads the eye upward to the five opalescent shades and the center shaft of opalescent rods.  The fixture drops 39” from the ceiling and is 36” in diameter…perfect for over a dining table or your entranceway.  The chandelier has been replated and rewired for American electricity.

Atelier Petitot French Art Deco Modernist Chandelier

This magnificent 1930’s French art deco modernist chandelier is by Atelier Petitot.  In bright nickel with clear and frosted glass, the fixture begins with a rectangular curving ceiling cap that mimics the lines below.  A nickel and glass shaft flanked by glass rods supports the main body which has a glass panel above and below to distribute the light…sixteen “fins” on each side are also illuminated.  The chandelier is rewired for American electricity and measures 44” long x 26” wide and drops 28” from the ceiling.  There are three matching sconces that are sold separately.

Pair Atelier Petitot French Art Deco Chandeliers

A pair of chandeliers is a rare find. A pair of spectacular French art deco chandeliers is extraordinary! This pair of nickel and opalescent glass chandeliers is from the French firm “Atelier Petito” and are from the 1930s’. Both chandeliers are in perfect condition. The opalescent glass bowls are formed with dripping “ice” down their sides. The ice theme is continued on the fins on the two cones and repeated under the six arms that support the bowls. The fixtures have been replated in bright nickel and rewired for American electricity, ready to install. Each fixture drops 32” from the ceiling and is 36” in diameter.

Atelier Petitot Chandelier

This is a simply stunning French art deco chandelier by Atelier Petiot. The chandelier, from the 1930’s, features bright nickel on bronze body from its ceiling cap down to the bottom finial. The center shaft is adorned with opalescent glass rods which fan out to a nickel ring. The six nickel arms extend from a nickel collar and are sheathed in opalescent glass and support six bowls of opalescent glass. The base of the chandelier is an illuminated stepped opalescent bowl. The chandelier, which is in excellent condition has been replated and rewired for American electricity. The chandelier measures 33” in diameter and drops 30” from the ceiling.

Petitot Five Shade “Chipped Ice” Chandelier

This This Atelier Petitot chandelier features five bowls in satin glass with raised “chipped ice” vertical bands and a four stepped center also of the same glass. The body of the fixture is of bright nickel with a stepped ceiling cap and radiating arms which mimic the Chrysler Building. The fixture drops 37” from the ceiling and is 29” in diameter.

Atelier Petitot Chandelier

A special French art deco chandelier from the 1930’s by Atelier Petitot. This impressive chandelier features a bright nickel superstructure supporting a heavy peach glass center bowl and six satellite bowls. Both the center and outer bowls have six sided, five step configurations. With nine lighting sockets, all rewired for American electricity, the chandelier will illuminate any room. The chandelier is 31" in diameter and drops 34" from the ceiling.

Atelier Petitot French Art Deco Streamline Chandelier

A stunning French art deco chandelier by Atelier Petito. The chandelier is suspended from its ceiling cap by an unusual linked chain. The main shaft is illuminated and surrounded by 40 glass rods. The center bowl is illuminated and has four wings with illuminated glass fins. The fixture drops 37" from the ceiling and is 25 ½ in diameter.

Three Atelier Petito French Art Deco Modernist Sconces

These three 1930’s French art deco sconces are by Atelier Petito.  A similar pair is illustrated in Luminaires Petitot Catalogue as item # 17.514, "Applique Cuivre 1 Lumiere 20 cm.  Panneau glace St. Gobain".  Constructed of bright nickel with clear and frosted St. Gobain glass, the sconces emit light from the top, from the bottom, through a triple layer of clear and frosted glass and thru eight “fins” on the front and sides.  The sconces, which measure 7 ½” deep x 15 ½” wide and 7” high are rewired from American electricity.  They match the Atelier Petito chandelier but are sold separately.

Pair Atelier Petitot French Art Deco Torchieres

This rare pair of majestic French art deco floor lamps is a creation of the famed Atelier Petitot in Lyon, France. A similar lamp appears in their 1937 catalog. The torchieres have weighted three step nickel bases with three faux painted Macassar ebony shafts separated by bright nickel “speed” rings. The upper wood portion incorporates a ball and dome motif and is surmounted by a unique stepped bright nickel bowl. The lamps are 70” tall and the bowls are 18” in diameter at the top rim. The metal has been replated and coated with clear lacquer and the lamps have been rewired for American electricity.

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