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Raymond Loewy for Air France’s Concord Flatware

This eighteen piece set of flatware was designed and produced by Raymond Loewy’s firm "Compagnie d’ Esthetique Industriale" for the Air France version of the Concorde ca. 1978. The set is 6 knives 6 forks and 6 spoons, all marked "Air France".

American Airlines DC-3 Flagship Art Deco Flatware Service for Eight

Designed in 1936, this American art deco silverplate service was used on the most famous of the DC-3 Aircraft, the American Airlines’ “Flagship”.  This 24-piece service is comprised of eight forks, eight knives and eight spoons.  The utensils have handles in the shape of the aircraft with speed lines and impressed in a very streamlined font, “Flagship”.  

Eastern Airlines Super Constallation Airplane Model

The L-1049 Super Constellation aircraft was in service at Eastern Airlines from 1951 – 1968. When I started working for Eastern in 1965 we had several in service, mostly on the Air Shuttle which was operated between Washington National, New York’s La Guardia and Boston airports. It was a most graceful airplane! This model is from the 1950’s . It is all original and probably sat on an executive’s desk. It has a tray on the base and “Constellation” in raised letters on the front of the tray, the letters “Eastern” on decal transfer on the support. The wing span is 10”, it is 8 ½” long and 8” high.

Cast Aluminum Airplane Model

This very sleek vintage propeller airplane model is made of cast aluminum and it is presented on its stand. It has a wing span of 10”, it is 8” long and it is 5” high at the top of the wing tip. Just the perfect thing to keep on your desk when you want to escape to Casablanca Price: $275

US Air Force C-54 Spitfire Model Aircraft

When the Wiesbaden-Mainz airport opened in 1929 it had been built on a racetrack toAttract visitors to the Spas of Wiesbaden which had been famous since Roman times. After WWII it was taken over by the Americans and in 1948 became the home base in Europe for the newly formed U.S. Air force. This C54 Skymaster Airplane Model was in starting in 1945. This particular aircraft # 9060 (44-9060) was not scrapped until 1976. This very special aluminum model airplane seems to lift off into the skies on a streamline base attached to a geometric marble ashtray. It has the United States Air Force markings and on the tail # 9060. It was probably given as a souvenir to one of the Airmen that had served on it as it is marked “PITT” and “Wiesbaden”. Probably manufactured in Germany. Sits on a marble base. Wing span is 6”, the airplane is 5 ¼” long and 7 ½” high. A piece of History for your desk! Price: $385

J.A. Henckels German Art Deco Traveling Airplane Bar - Large

This German art deco nickeled brass traveling bar in the form of an airplane was designed ca. 1928 for J.A. Henckels Zwilling, Selingen, Germany.  The complete bar has twenty pieces including three flasks, shaker, strainer/citrus press and shaker lid, four nesting cups, four spoons, a funnel/jigger, a corkscrew with cover, fuselage top with propeller, finned tail (fruit cup) and wheeled undercarriage.  The strainer juice press is marked “DGRM 894384 Made in Germany”.  The airplane is 5” high, 12” wide and 13” long and is in great original condition.

J.A. Henckels German Art Deco Traveling Bar

This German art deco nickeled brass traveling bar in the form of an airplane was designed ca. 1928 for J.A. Henckels, Selingen, Germany.  The complete bar has sixteen pieces including three flasks, four nesting cups, shaker, strainer/citrus press, a funnel/jigger, corkscrew with cover, stirring spoon, fruit container with lid, under carriage and fuselage top with propeller.  The fruit container lid is marked “Made in Germany”, the fuselage top is marked “Germany” and “2”.  The airplane is 9 ½” high, the wing span is 10” and the height is 4”.  The traveling bar is in excellent original condition.  This is the smaller version of the bar.

Henckels German Art Deco Airplane Smoker’s Companion

This very rare German art deco smoker’s companion in the form of an airplane was designed ca. 1930 for J.A. Henckels, Solingen, Germany.  The airplane includes a hinged compartment in the center for cigars, two removable cigarette cases as wings, a set of four ashtrays behind the match safe with striker that is the cockpit.  The propeller is spring loaded as a cigar clipper which drops the cutting into the wheel carriage.  It is stamped “Germany”.  The airplane 9 ¾” long, 5” high and the wing span is 10 ½”.

1930 National Air Races Chicago Art Deco Bronze Medal

This American art deco bronze medal celebrates the 1930 national air races that took place in Chicago. It was the 10th anniversary of the races and the first year for The Thompson Trophy. The medal was sculpted by Oskar J.W. Hausen (1892-1971) who is best known for his bronze works in connection with The Hoover Dam. The 2 1/2" diameter medal shows on the front a portrait of a male figure wearing an aviator cap, geometric styled wings behind his head, and a single star above his head. "The Olympiad of the Air" is sculpted below the wings. The sculptors signature is etched on the lower left.The reverse has a depiction of two airmen, a metamorphosis from man to airplane, soaring above a pylon in flight with a dirigible. Above them is incised "Chicago" and a single star. "1930 National Air Races 10th Anniversary" is inscribed. On the rim is incised "Medalic Art Co. NY".

Important Early Airplane Trophy

This important Aviation trophy was awarded in 1934 to Dr. John D. Brook known in the era as “American Most Prolific Flyer”. In 1933 he completed four years of consecutive daily flights. The 16 ¾” high trophy, which is mounted on a brown Bakelite base, has three eagles on a raised on a circular plate, their wings holding a large ball. A winged female figure, nude from the waist up, holds aloft a vintage single engine airplane all in chrome plate. The engraved plate on the Bakelite base reads “To Dr. John D. Brook in Recognition of his Contributions to Aviation, by Women’s National Flying Corps, Nov 15, 1934". The base is marked “Goldman JLRYCO KCM”.The trophy is in very good condition.

Navy PBY Catalina Patrol Bomber Model

This model of a Navy PBY Catalina patrol bomber was machined from a solid block of aluminum. The PBY was introduced in 1936 and produced until 1945. The model stands as a unique piece of sculpture with its streamline base, squared off wings and absence of motors, it is definitely not a realistic model but it captures the essence and spirit of the airplane. The model is 9” high, 12 ½” wide and 9” long. The base is 3”x 7”.

Airplane Weather Station

This airplane weather station is just the thing for your desk. Constructed of brass, brass and copper plate and copper, the DC-3 plane soars on three curved arms above a spinning world globe. The globe has a thermometer, barometer and clock. The thermometer is marked “Celsius”. The clock is marked “Angelux”, “Super”, “Spritzer & fuhrmann” and “8” (and eight day clock). The station is 15 ½” high

Boeing 727 Jet Airplane Brass Model on Stand

  This model of a Boeing 727 jet airplane is constructed of brass. It sits 14" high on its stand. The wingspan is 13 ¼" and the plane is 18" long

German Art Deco Silverplated Airplane Smokers Companion

This vintage silver plated German art deco “Smokers’ Companion” airplane is a masterpiece of ingenuity and craftsmanship.  Designed to accommodate the various necessities of a tobacco enthusiast, all parts of the airplane have a use.  The fuselage holds cigars.  The propeller turns to clip a cigar.  The cockpit is a match safe.  An ashtray slides out in front of the cigar holder.  The wings remove and open as cigarette cases.  The plane is 10” long x 10” wide and is 4 ¾” high.

Sessions Airplane Propeller Clock

A very unusual clock. The clock face is centered on a 27” wide hard wood propeller and supported by two splayed wheels with rubber tires. The clock is marked “Sessions”, “Self Starting” and “Made in USA” and sits 8” high.

Vintage American Art Deco Airplane Pedal Car

This American art deco streamline airplane pedal car dates to the early 1940’s when the advent of World War II caused a surge of patriotic feelings.  Our Airforce was the “Army Air Force” and the wings are emblazoned “U.S. Army”.  The fuselage is marked “Patrol” with fierce eagle and stars.  The propeller, streering wheel and wheels are red, the three “guns”, cockpit faring and exhaust manifold are blue.  The plane measures 44 ½” long, the wingspan is 36” and the top of the steering wheel is 25” from the ground.  The plane is in excellent condition.

American Art Deco DC-3 Aircraft Rolling Cocktail Cart by Frantz Industries

This streamline American art deco rolling cart was developed by Frantz Industries in 1938 for use on the DC-3, the legendary airplane that revolutionized air travel.  The first aircraft to have an in-flight kitchen!  Constructed of aluminum and black Bakelite, the cart was designed to roll the down the aisles of the DC-3 but will look great serving in your home.  The decal reads “Frantz Industries, Genuine Aero-Art Product, Los Angeles”  The cart measures 31” long x 15” wide x 30” high.

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