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[Founded in 1922] 

Founded by Andre Domin (1883 - 1962) and Marcel Genevriere (1885 - 1976). Their showroom was located at 104 Faubourg, St. Honore. Their furniture design was characterized by simplicity and dignity. One of Dominique's first commissions was to provide furniture for the home of silver designer Jean Puiforcat in Biarritz. This was followed by a commission to do the establishment of the perfumer Houbigant in Neuilly. Beginning in 1926 they exhibited with Chareau, Legrain, Puiforcat and Raymond Templier as the "Groupe des Cinq". Dominique exhibited a "Salon d'un Ambassadeur" at the 1925 Paris Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industrieles Modernes. They also exhibited at the Exposition Colonial in Paris in 1931 and created a "Salon de Musique" for the 1937 Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques also in Paris. For the great French ocean liner Normandie, launched in 1932, four luxury apartments were commissioned for each by a great French design firm (Leleu, Sue, Montagnac and Dominique). The Rouen suite which Dominique designed "was remarkable for the extremely refined use that Dominique made of materials...unquestionably the most avant-garde of the four talents assigned to the deluxe apartments".

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Dominique French Art Deco Occasional Table

This very elegant French art deco table was designed by Dominique:  Andre Domin (1883 – 1982) and Marcel Genevrier (1885 – 1967) in the 1930’s.  Constructed of northern oak with an Emperador marble inset top, this graceful table has hand carved supports and a flared base.  The table is 27 ¼” tall x 18 ¾” on each side.

Pair of French Art Deco Club Chairs in Style of Dominique

  This impressive pair of 1930’s French art deco club chairs is in the style of Dominique, Andre Domin (1883 - 1962) and Marcel Genevriere (1885 - 1976). The chairs, with a frame and arms of oak and sand colored linen upholstery, are comfortable and stylish. They are 28" high, 28 ½" wide and 32" deep.

Dominique French Art Deco Chrome & Saint-Gobain Glass Console

This superb French art deco wall console was designed and produced by Dominique; Andre Domin (1882 – 1962) and Marcel Genevriere (1885 – 1967) ca. 1925. The console has two graduated chrome quarter circles supporting a chrome tray. The tray is inset with a ¾" slab of Saint Gobain glass, smooth on top and textured underneath. The console, which is 39 ½" wide x 10" deep x 10" high, is noted in the following literature: G.J. Gros, Dominique, Mobilier et Decoration, 1931, page 23; Gaston Denys, Le V Salon des artistes de ce temps au Petit Palais, 1935, p. 484; Lucien Farnoux-Reynaud, Dominique, Mobilier et Decoration, 1936, p. 438; Felix Marcilhac, Dominique Decorateur – Ensemblier du Xxe Siecle, ed. De l’Amateur, Paris, 2008, pp. 125, 198.

French Art Deco Bibliotheque

A very special French art deco 1930’s bibliotheque. Constructed of matched macassar ebony veneers with solid mahogany trim and foot. The handles, keys and hinges are of nickeled bronze. The cabinet has full doors on each side which open to reveal 4 shelves for books or storage. The center door has a closed shelf on the bottom, two glassed in shelves and an open shelf on top. The quality is comparable to Leleu or Dominique. The bibliotheque measures 61 ½” wide, 71 ½” high and 18” deep.

Palissandre Bar

This spectacular art deco bar in the manner of Dominique, dates from the 1920’s and shows the work of a master ébeniste. The top, sides and legs are of Palissandre veneer with the grain in a vertical manner. The pull down service area is in Palissandre with a horizontal manner; the interior in Sycamore. The two doors are in a horizontal grained Palissandre with a central panel on each and the veneer in a rayed pattern radiating from the key escutcheon. The two doors open to reveal five drawers on the left and three shelves on the right. The fittings and sabots are of bronze. The bar measures 52” high x 45” wide x 16” deep.

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