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Art Deco Clocks and Radios

KEM Weber Zephyr Clock

An American art deco clock designed in 1933 by Kem WeberKem Weber
American [1889 - 1963] 

Karl Emanuel Martin Weber studied under Bruno Paul who guided him to design and supervise the construction of the German Pavilion at the 1910 International Exposition in Brussels, leading to his commission to do the German section at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. World War I broke out and Weber was trapped in America. In the early 1920's, Weber became Art Director for Barker Brothers in Santa Barbara, California, designing several lines of modern furniture. In 1927 he left Barker Brothers (but remained as design consultant) and opened his own design studio in Los Angeles. Weber designed furniture for Higgins Mfg.Co., Meyers Co., Berkley and Gay, Haskelite Mfg., Karpen Furniture Co., Noha Furniture Co., Grand Rapids Furniture Co., and Lloyd Mfg. Co. He also designed a line of modern clocks for the Lawson Clock Co. ***We are actively buying Kem Weber furniture as well as other top designers and art deco furniture from the...
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(1889 – 1963). The copper body with brass trim asymmetrically flows with the top curving down and the right side curving back. Analogue ivorine digital numbers show hours, minutes and seconds. A tag on the back reads “Lawson Electric Clock”, “Pat. # 1990645”, “Lawson Time Inc., Pasadena, Ca.”, “Style No. 304”. The clock measures 8” x 3 ¾” x 3 ½” high.

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