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Maison Jansen

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Maison Jansen French Art Deco Parchment Coffe Table

This French art deco coffee table is from Maison Jansen. The 1940’s table is constructed of stained oak with gold leaf collars above the leg. The parchment table bed has a decorative 40’s design and feet are brass tipped The parchment has a glass cover to protect it from beverages. The table is in great original condition. It is 42” x 20”  and is 17 ½” high.

Mills American Art Deco Penny Scale

This American art deco penny scale was produced by the Mills Industries of Chicago ca. 1935. In baby blue and white enamel on a cast iron body, the scale has geometric detailing that typifies the era. The enamel is flawless and the chrome coin receptacle and the rails are bright and shiney. The scale is 36” high, 18” wide and 24” deep.

American Art Deco Black Lacquer and Chrome Table

This American art deco machine age table is from 1930’s. The 21 ¾” high table has a 19 ½” square black lacquer top and a 10 ½” square black laquer bottom shelf, both have been refinished. They are connected and supported by four “Harpin” chrome legs which have been replated

Jansen Coffee Table

This French art deco coffee table is from Maison Jansen and dates from the 1940’s. Constructed from stained and gilded oak with a parchment center and glass top. The table has brass tips on its feet and measures 20” x 42” and is 17 ½” high.

Set of Three Mid Century Modern Design Nesting Tables by Maison Jansen

This set of three nesting tables is by the French decoration firm Maison Jansen and are from the mid 1950’s. The finely detailed frames are of solid brass and hold the original clear glass tops with mirrored borders. The tallest table is 18” high, 19” wide and 14” deep. The brass is in great condition and the glass has no chips or cracks.

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