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Marcel Guillard

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Marcel Guillard French Art Deco Vase for Editions Etling Paris

This striking geometrically inspired French art deco glazed stoneware vase was designed ca. 1927 by Marcel Guillard (1896 - 1932), executed by Willy Willeumier and edited by Editions Etling in Paris. The vase measures 9" high and the stepped geometric top is in a pale peach craqueleure glaze while the spherical body is a washed grey with touches of peach. The vase is marked "Marcel Guillard", "Editions Etling Paris", "Willeumier" and "France. The vase is pictured in the May 1927 issue of "Les Echos des Industries D'Art".

Art Deco Fish Ceramic

Produced by Le Jan, a ceramic collaboration of Andre Fau and Marcel Guillard at their atelier in Boulogne-Billancourt, this art deco craqueleur fish measures 11 1/2" high and 15" long.

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