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Paul Colin


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1937 Paris International Exposition French Art Deco Colin Poster

This vintage stone lithographic poster for the 1937 Paris International Exposition was created by Paul Colin (1892 - 1985) who, along with Carlu, Cassandre and Cappiello, dominated French poster design between World Wars I and II. The four color lithographic work showing the head of liberty with her hair covering the globe against a field of black, yellow, red and blue with stars and clouds is superb. The poster measures 29" x 21" framed in black lacquer and was printed by Jules Simon, Paris

Colin Transatlantique Art Deco Poster

Paul Colin (1892 - 1985) created some of the French art deco era's most memorable posters but this is one of the most famous and enduring. For the French Line, Cie. Gle. Transatlantique he chose the French liner Normandy sailing against the French tri-color flag on an emerald sea. First made in 1937, the poster was reprinted by the company several times between 1937 and 1954. This is from the 1952 edition. The poster measures 38" x 24".

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