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French Art Deco Ceramic Vase by Longwy for Atelier Primavera

This French art deco vase was made by Longwy for Atelier Primavera, the design studio of the Paris department store “Les Grands Magasins du Printemps”. The vase, in Egyptian faience blue craqueleure is decorated with raised designs IN fired on black enamel. The 13” high vase is marked on the base “Primavera”, “Longwy” and “France”.

Sognot Macassar Table

A wonderful French Art Deco coffee table designed by Louis Sognot (1892 ­ 1970). Executed in old growth macassar ebony veneers, the table features two surfaces and four curved supports. Sognot trained at Krieger's, together with Guillemard, and was later employed by Primavera. Besides his work for Primavera, Sognot's clients included the Maharajah of Indore, Mmme Agnes and Jean Carlu; he designed office and apartment interiors, a cabin on the ocean liner Normandie and an aeroplane interior, as well as interiors for the College de France; he also designed stage sets for Henry Bernstein. From 1926 Sognot taught at the Ecole Boulle, and from 1938 at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués a l¹ Industrie; after Rene Prou's death he became artistic director of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs. He was a member of the Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM) exhibiting, with Charlote Alix, in the first (1930) and subsequent exhibitions; he was a founder member of the Unon des Artistes Decorateurs, Createurs, Ensembliers (UADCE), and a member of the Institut d'Esthetique Industrielle. He exhibited in the 1920's at the Salon des Artistes Decorateurs, the support of Primavera and more regularly a the Salon d¹Automne (from 1923 ­ 1934). The table stands 20 high and the top surface is 19 ½¹ in diameter and the lower surface is 19 ½ in diameter , the over surface is 24 in diameter.

Primavera Table Lamp

Designed by Peaudecer et Girault in Tours, France for the design studio "Primavera" of the French department store "Au Printemps". The ceramic body of the art deco lamp is glazed in natural earth tones showing a deer among flowers and trees. It measures 16" high and is signed "Primavera" on the base.

Longwy French Art Deco Enamel Cloisonne Ceramic Charger

This lovely French art deco charger is in a technique called “Ceramic Cloisonne” by Emaux de Longwy and dates from the period 1925 – 1930.  Raymond Henri Chevallier (1900 – 1959) became artistic director of Longwy in 1925 and developed lines in the deco style for two of the design ateliers of the great Paris department stores:  Primavera for Printemps and Pomone for Bon Marche.  This charger was designed by Chevalier’s older brother Maurice Paul Chevalier (1898 – 1984) for Pomone at Bon Marche.  The charger measures 16 ¾” in diameter and is 3” high.  It is marked on the back “Pomone Bon Marche”.

French Art Deco Monumental Ceramic Primavera Vase

This French art deco vase is from Primavera, the design studio of the Paris department store “Les Grand Magasins du Printemps”. It was created at Primavera’s pottery, “L’Atelier de Ceramique de Sainte-Radegonde” in Touraine between 1923 and 1926 when Rene Buthaud was artistic director. The vase is decorated with three warriors on horseback. The decoration is in brown, black and dark cobalt on a cream ground with a black neck and cream lip. The vase is incised in the bottom “Primavera, Paris” and is 15 ¾” high.

French Art Deco Vase by Atelier Primavera

This monumental French art deco earthenware gourd shaped vase was hand thrown for Atelier Primavera, the design studio of the Paris department store Les Grands Magasins du Printemps. This vase has a heavy turquoise glaze over a series of concentric circles of dots. A black glaze is dripped from the top and rubbed into the dots. Standing 16 ½” high, the vase is marked “Primavera” and “France”.

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